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Technical Parameters: Power voltage: AC220±10%V, 50HZ Drive Motor: DC Brush Motor 24V/15-60W Working temperature: -15°C - 60°C Relativce humifity: ≤90%, No condensation Input: 12V level signal or pulse width >100ms, 12V pulse signal drive current >10mA Communication: RS232 Communication distance: ≤10M Channel width: Flap barrier 45 person / minute (N/O), 30 person / minute (N/C), Swing gate 30 person / minute (N/O), 20 person / minute (N/C) Time (open and close): Flap barrier 0.4s, Swing gate 1-2s
  • Weight 1000 g
  • Dimensions 35 × 30 × 7 cm
  • Color Black, Pink, Red, White

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